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Unlimited Elements For Elementor Page Builder 1.5.11

Download Unlimited Elements for Elementor Page Builder v1.5.11 Nulled
-Feature: made option to put elementor post_content inside post widget if the post made by elementor
-Feature: added additional fields to getPostAuthor function like avatar url and author meta
-Bug fix: set prices display in woocommerce widgets including tax
-Bug fix: fixed editor js files didn't loaded bug
-Bug fix: fixed css output with dynamic template and inline css mode
-Feature: done option to get post parent with the posts in posts selection
-Bug fix: fixed the ajax pagination that now works with post based gallery widget
-Bug fix: fixed filters scripts loading before jquery in js
-Change: set default values of responsive number / slider / dropdown controls to desktop default values
-Bug fix: allow to select empty terms in term selection control
-Feature: show the "no posts" message with filters in post list / grid
-Feature: add background location (back/front) to background widgets
Download Unlimited Elements for Elementor Page Builder v1.5.10 Nulled
-Bug fix: Fixed title and description source in gallery source selection
-Bug fix: Fixed the dropdown attribute php filter for elementor
-Feature: Added "menu_id" for variouse uses as menu attribute output
-Feature: Added option for side offset in owl carousel
-Feature: Added option for second items html refresh in ajax filters
Download Unlimited Elements for Elementor Page Builder v1.5.8 Nulled
-Feature: Set special behaviour for more then one filters on the page
-Feature: Added option to load video item from posts in a gallery
-Change: Set up galleries common default items
-Bug fix: Fixed unclosable gallery lightbox with youtube videos
-Bug fix: Fixed elementor 3.6.0 compatability

Unlimited Elements Premium Elementor v1.5.7 NULLED​

  • Feature: Added option to modify dropdown items in php
  • Bug fix: Fixed gallery default items preview and init
  • Bug fix: Fixed remote counter js error
Download Unlimited Elements for Elementor Page Builder v1.5.4 Nulled
-Feature: added roles to post filter: single, main and child
-Bug fix: fixed some pagination widget buttons related issues
-Bug fix: fixed non clickable items in some widgets
-Feature: added option "placeholder" and "disable dynamic" for text field control
-Feature: added option for debug meta fields in post list, post grid
-Bug fix: fixed put_items(0) - first item output in twig
Download Unlimited Elements For Elementor Page Builder v1.5.3 Nulled
-Feature: Added functionality to put image inside taxonomy terms widget
-Bug fix: Fixed load more on archive page with orderby=xxx filter in url
-Change: Updated freemius sdk
-Bug fix: Made support for woocommerce special order by in load more
-Change: Updated freemius sdk to 2.4.3 version (Security fix)
Download Unlimited Elements For Elementor Page Builder v1.5.2 Nulled
-Bug fix: Fixed load more for current query posts
-Bug fix: Fixed background js based widgets with elementor popups
-Bug fix: Fixed unitegallery unclosed tag issue
-Bug fix: Fixed replace mode in tabs filters
-Feature: Set up remote and sync functionality for the galleries