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Newspaper - News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme 11.4.3

Download Newspaper v11.4.3 - News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme Nulled
  • New: 7 New one-click installable Pre-Build Websites (demos) created with the tagDiv Cloud Library, tagDiv Composer page builder, and tagDiv Opt-in Builder membership plugin:
  • New: RTL News Magazine
  • New: Today News PRO
  • New: Downtown
  • New: Lightning-Path
  • New: Crypto Gaming
  • New: News Hub
  • New: Amsonia PRO
  • New: Added Facebook Login functionality;
  • New: Option to set margin for Single Content Ads;
  • New: Option to disable the sticky menu on the Mobile Theme;
  • New: Added the option to show only the form on the Header Live Search shortcode;
  • New: Added the option to show the “Exclusive” label on posts from Flex Big Grids and live search shortcodes;
  • New: Manage License System – Easily assign your key to a specific domain to access all the theme features. The new system allows you to manage multiple license keys on multiple domains;
  • New: Option to import Homepage and Pages from Cloud templates interface;
  • Misc: Enhanced RTL support;
  • Misc: Exclude the Tag slug from the Block Settings panel;
  • Misc: Option to change the Title Heading tag for SEO on the Subcategories shortcode;
  • Misc: Display Caption and Alt on the Single Bg Featured Image shortcode;
  • Misc: Modal popup – We added the option to disable site scroll when the modal window is opened;
  • Misc: Added Reviews Color option on the Flex Blocks 2 to 5;
  • Misc: ALT text on the Author avatar;
  • Misc: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
  • Fix: Audio players on blocks not loading their style on block pagination;
  • Fix: Fatal error on YouTube playlist;
  • Fix: Comments.php template ‘td_comment’ function fatal error;
  • Fix: Menu/search gradient (opacity) issues on AMP;
  • Fix: Header live search in a modal popup;
  • Fix: Review warning the default template;
  • Fix: CSS fix for wp-block align wide;
  • Fix: Global fonts fixes;
  • Fix: Resetting ‘td_default_site_post_template’;
  • Fix: Posts Loop Fixes;
  • Fix: Styling issues with the Flipboard and Copy URL on Mobile Theme;
  • Fix: Missing Stock field on simple WooCommerce product;
  • Fix: Other CSS fixes.
Download Newspaper v11.4.2 - News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme Nulled

  • New: You can now add unlimited ads in the Post Loop shortcode. The Newspaper theme helps you generate more revenue by displaying engaging ads between the articles published on your website using the Post loop shortcode.
  • New: Added the Reading Time shortcode on Single Post Cloud templates to allow you to create a smoother experience for your visitors.
  • New: Added the Reading Progress Bar on Single Post Cloud templates;
  • New: Raw HTML ACE editor;
  • New: Option to enable/disable saving history;
  • New: Option to set the background color for mobile navigation toolbar from Theme Panel;
  • Misc: Header logo & Search form shortcodes – We made small enhancements to improve your user experience;
  • Misc: Refactored the renaming process for a template title;
  • Misc: Added the WhatsApp social icon;
  • Misc: Better WPML support for the Cloud templates;
  • Misc: Added some options for the Authors Box;
  • Misc: Exclude current post from blocks;
  • Misc: Exclude page/post types on the Live search element;
  • Misc: Added post type option on Posts Loop shortcode;
  • Misc: Better Disqus support for cloud templates;
  • Misc: Option to place additional text “ago” before the date;
  • Misc: Parent page option on the Breadcrumbs shortcode;
  • Misc: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
  • Fix: ReCaptcha issue without the key;
  • Fix: Hover effect for images on the Flex blocks;
  • Fix: Added font size options for title and subtitle on the Block Header 18;
  • Fix: Added the option to change the image float position on the Flex block 4;
  • Fix: Design adjustments for the Global color settings;
  • Fix: Properly loading images for the templates loaded from the interface;
  • Fix: Instagram business API feeds updates and fixes;
  • Fix: Update ‘attach_image’ param value at loading Cloud templates;
  • Fix: Text with image shortcode – Fixed button icon alignment;
  • Fix: Copy URL not working on non-secure server connection (HTTP);
  • Fix: Mobile Theme and Opt-in Builder issues with All in One SEO plugin;
  • Fix: Fatal error on add menu page on the Cloud templates;
  • Fix: Single Post Views shortcode;
  • Fix: Month title issue with manual UTC;
  • Fix: Single Image warning;
  • Fix: Post Review Schema;
  • Fix: Opening mega menu pages with menus;
  • Fix: Display HTML for tag description with Yoast SEO plugin;
  • Fix: Added Editor capability to access the Cloud templates;
  • Fix: Styling issues on Guttenberg blocks;
  • Fix: Issue with undefined parameter while importing demos/pre-built websites;
  • Fix: Cross-origin issue in an iframe;
  • Fix: Bug on the Global colors option;
  • Fix: Some fixes for the tagDiv Shop;
  • Fix: Don’t download video thumb if featured image is set;
  • Fix: other css modifications.
Download Newspaper v11.4.1 - News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme Nulled Free
  • new: WordPress 5.9 compatibility;
  • new: Cloud Library Templates Management System – We’ve created a new, awesome way to manage your templates in a simplified interface. Add a news template, edit, import, multiply. Everything is right where you need it;
  • new: Pop-Up new triggers – We added the capabilities to display a pop-up on the Exit Intent and Scroll trigger;
  • new: 6 New one-click installable Pre-Build Websites (demos) created with the tagDiv Cloud Library & tagDiv Composer;
  • new: Center – View Demo
  • new: NFT – View Demo
  • new: Military News – View Demo
  • new: Music & Life – View Demo
  • new: AniGlobe – View Demo
  • new: Kattmar – View Demo
  • new: Option to filter posts by the Current Search on all block shortcodes;
  • new: ON/OFF Autoplay video settings for video pop-up on blocks;
  • new: Option in the tagDiv Composer to choose SEO title on Smart List shortcode;
  • new: Pagination alignment on the Flex Block 2;
  • new: Flipboard social share option in the Theme Panel under the Social Networks section;
  • new: New social icons: Medium, GETTR, Parler, Gab, CloutHub, Rumble, Patreon, Github;
  • new: Duplicate, delete, and rename option for the Header and Footer on Website Manager;
  • new: Option to disable Live Search function on the Mobile Live Search shortcode;
  • misc: Update Google Fonts list to include the latest fonts
  • misc: Rename global colors from icon;
  • misc: Name URL option for Team Member shortcode;
  • misc: Prevent demo installation if a required plugin is not installed;
  • fix: HTML support on Tag Description shortcode;
  • fix: Instagram profile image issue;
  • fix: Locker preview issue;
  • fix: Click to play SoundCloud issue on mobile;
  • fix: Structured data fix, missing URL for the author;
  • fix: Hover effect (shadow) transition on the Flex blocks;
  • fix: Recaptcha issue without a key;
  • fix: List horizontal alignment issue;
  • fix: Woo Page Description shortcode issue;
  • fix: Missing Create an Account checkbox on WooCommerce checkout page;
  • fix: Post view does not work without the Standard Pack plugin;
  • fix: Sticky Video issue;
  • fix: Pinterest shortcode issue;
  • fix: AMP translate issue on live search;
  • fix: LinkedIn share issue;
  • fix: Custom title on blocks does not work if you have the Standard Pack plugin;
  • fix: Broken email body sent by WordPress;
  • fix: The Currency position on Menu Cart fix;
  • fix: open_basedir mobile theme issue on some server hosts.