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WPC Frequently Bought Together For WooCommerce 4.2.0

WPC Frequently Bought Together.png
WPC Frequently Bought Together is a highly effective plugin developed by WPClever for assisting online businesses in improving sales and profits through the cross-selling marketing strategy. Particularly, offers are given as bought-together suggestions at the bottom of the single product description page.
In order for a bought-together deal to work, show owners must choose wisely products that are closely related to the item being viewed then offer an incentive for customers to buy all. The key is to reasonably give customers some extra benefits from the deal, which encourages them to buy more than what they need. The right choice of extra items and promo prices can speed up the decision-making process and make customers more humble to share the info with their friends and family. WPC Frequently Bought Together has what it takes to do all of these things for your WooCommerce shop.

Main Features​

  • Ajax advanced search by SKU, exact title, phrase or sentence
  • Set the discount price by entering a percentage or an amount
  • Add a variable product or an exact variation as additional items
  • Drag & drop to rearrange the order of products
  • Enable/disable check all options by default
  • Customize the product list’s position
  • Various selector interface: default/ WPC Radio Buttons
  • Adjust main product’s visibility, image, and price
  • Customizable additional price & associated text, before/after text
  • Show/hide the product details: thumbnail, price, short description
  • Allow customers to customize the quantity
  • Set the min/max quantity for the deal
  • Add separately: make additional items to be treated as separate individual products
  • When none is chosen, upsells/ related products can be set as default products
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes, WooCommerce & WPC plugins
  • Lifetime free updates & dedicated forum support

Practical Uses Of WPC Frequently Bought Together​

Technically, this plugin offers a way for shop owners to get all related products together and put them in a deal for an irresistible price. This acts as a great reminder for customers to consider things that they might need to buy alongside the currently being viewed product. Consider the following cases when you need a WPC Frequently Bought Together plugin:
  • Give a suggestion to buy a charger alongside with a laptop or computer for 10% off.
  • Suggest a suitable jeans and a pair of shoes that fit well with the beautiful shirt being considered. Buyers can get all three items with $20 off.
  • Invite customers to buy two more pieces of jewelry from the same collection.
  • Combine three products from three different collections and give a 15% discount.
  • Allow customers to buy various pattern designs of the same variable product in a deal. (Users must enable Allow same products in the Bought Together settings in order to do this).
  • Create a complex deal with additional items’ quantities and prices are adjusted differently. For example, a deal with 3 additional items: item 1 – quantity= 1 & 90% price, item 2 – quantity=2 & 80% price, item 3 – quantity=3 & 75% price. And finally, you put the main product’s price at 20% off. It’s totally possible. See this screenshot http://prntscr.com/piohqc or visit this product on our demo site for your reference. Even the most complicated deal can be easily handled with WPC Frequently Bought Together.

Increase the Conversion Rate​

By giving recommendations on related products and offer a promotional price for buying the whole offer, shop owners can sell more while customers, in fact, can benefit more at the same time. That is because giving a bought-together offer convinces customers to buy more than their original intentions or buy as much as they can afford. When sellers put out a very low price for an additional item when purchased alongside the main product, the possibility that customers will say yes is higher. In that way, people whose intention is to browse the shop for fun eventually end up buying a bunch of things while feeling happy about their luck with great prices. Commonly, that’s how many window-shoppers convert into customers.

Cross-selling for Less Popular Products​

There are always products that are demanded less frequently than others under the same categories. For example, buying a cleaning kit is rarely the first thing people think about when shopping for computer accessories. But when a kit is included in a bought together to deal with a screen protector film or a keyboard for a very little extra price, people will be inclined to purchase them all. People think that taking the offer is fine because the price is cheap, the shipment costs less and they might need the kit in the future.

Easy to Add a New Offer​

After installing this plugin, users can add a new offer by navigating to the Product Data section on the product page. It’s easy to add related items by entering a keyword in the search box and display them as a list under the product description. It’s possible to drag and drop an item to rearrange the order. It is proven that when you show extra items in the order from the most closely related to the least, then there is a higher chance that customers will consider taking the offer.

Intuitive to Customize Order Details​

All prices are automatically calculated, users can set the new promotional prices by entering a percentage or a number in the box next to each item in the offer. These will appear as discounted prices; hence, customers will know how much can they save from this deal. A Check all by default option prompts your customers to quickly take the deal and proceed to check out.

Editable Item Quantity​

This tool allows the customization of item quantities in each product type. If you turn this feature on, you can still control the minimum and maximum quantity allowed for each item in the offer. The price will be added up automatically based on the newly defined prices users set in the Bought Together section. Customers can acknowledge what they will have to pay by looking at the Additional price text under the item list.

Cart & Checkout Advanced Settings​

Associated text is a feature to remind customers that the great prices for extra items that they see are only available when they’re bought together with the main product. In settings, if users enable the Add Separately function, the added items will now be treated as normal individual products. Therefore, when the main product was removed from the cart after customers add the whole offer in, extra items will stay, but the prices will change back to the original ones. The promotional prices are only valid in the Bought Together deal.

Beneficial SEO Effects for Your Website​

Even when your visitors refuse to buy the offer, your site can still benefit from their time spent on browsing your website. This helps reduce the bounce rate, the longer they stay, the lower the bounce rate. If a customer is hesitant to buy, they might probably come back to reconsider the price and check if they really need it or not. This brings more organic traffic and increases the credibility of your website on search results pages as it tells Google that your site has what your customers need so they just keep coming back.

Translation Ready with WPML Integration​

At this age of globalization, running a multilingual WooCommerce shop will expand your chances of getting more customers from overseas. WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce is translation ready with WPML plugin integration, so you can count on getting more traffic from other countries and better online visibility for your business. The same goes for website localization so that your business can start to bloom in a new local market.

Latest updates

  1. WPC Frequently Bought Together v4.2.0

    Download WPC Frequently Bought Together v4.2.0 Fixed: Minor JS issue for variable product
  2. Version Update 4.1.9

    Download WPC Frequently Bought Together v4.1.9 Updated: Optimized the code
  3. Version Update 4.1.7

    WPC Frequently Bought Together v4.1.7 Updated: Option “Show this item” in settings page