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Permalink Manager Pro - Best Wordpress Permalinks Plugin 2.2.16

Permalink Manager Pro.png

Permalink Manager is a most advanced and highly rated WordPress permalink editor that helps WordPress users to control the URL addresses of all posts, pages, custom post type elements (taxonomies are supported in Pro version). To avoid 404 or duplicated content errors after the new custom permalink is defined, the visitors trying to access the old permalink will be automatically redirected to the new custom URL.
The plugin supports all custom post types & custom taxonomies and popular 3rd party plugins including WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, WPML, and Polylang. To improve SEO performance even more, the plugin settings provide a possibility to disable the canonical redirect (used natively by WordPress) and control the trailing slashes settings.

All Features​

  • Edit full permalinks
    A completely custom permalink can be set for each post, page and public custom post type individually (categories, tags & custom taxonomies terms permalinks can be edited in Permalink Manager Pro)
  • Custom post types support
    It is also possible to exclude specific post types & taxonomies to stop Permalink Manager from filtering their permalinks.​
  • Custom permastructures
    The plugin allows to specify how the custom permalinks should be formatted by default (when the new post/term is added or after the permalinks are regenerated)​
  • Translate permalinks
    Permalink Manager allows to translate and set different permalink format/structure per language when WPML or Polylang plugin is enabled.​
  • Auto-redirect
    Old (native) permalinks are redirected to new (custom) permalinks (in 301 or 302 mode) to prevent 404 error (SEO friendly).​
  • Canonical redirects
    Possibility to disable native canonical redirects.​
  • Bulk editors
    “Regenerate/Reset” + “Find and replace” tools that allow to bulk/mass change the permalinks (or native slugs).​
  • Trailing slashes settings
    They can be forced or removed from all permalinks.​

Need additional features & priority support?​

Additional features available in Permalink Manager Pro​

  • Taxonomies
    Full support for taxonomies (categories, tags & custom taxonomies).​
  • WooCommerce
    Full support for WooCommerce (products, product tags, product categories). Permalink Manager allows to remove /product-category and /product from WooCommerce permalinks.​
  • WooCommerce coupon URLs
    Coupon codes may have their public URLs (eg. that will automatically apply the discount to the cart.​
  • Custom fields
    Custom fields can be used inside permalinks (compatible with Advanced Custom Fields).​
  • Extra internal redirects
    Multiple URLs can lead to a single post/term (they could be defined individually for each element).​
  • External URL redirect
    Posts/terms can redirect the visitors to external websites (the URLs could be defined individually for each element).​
  • “Stop-words”
    User-defined words can be automatically removed from default permalinks.​
  • Custom Permalinks
    Import custom permalinks saved with that plugin.​
  • Priority support
    All the support requests from Permalink Manager Pro users are handled in the first place.​

Latest updates

  1. Permalink Manager Pro v2.2.16

    Download Permalink Manager Pro v2.2.16 Nulled * Enhancement - Improved support for "Primary...
  2. Permalink Manager Pro 2.2.15

    2.2.15 (January 12. 2021) Enhancement - UI Improvements for Regenerate/reset tool Dev -...