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Dokan - MultiVendor Marketplaces Plugin 3.5.4

Download Dokan Business v3.5.4 - Multi Vendor Marketplace Nulled
- **Fix:** [SPMV] Fatal error under Single Product Multiple Vendor module while trying to clone auction product
- **Fix:** Fixed some translation issue under Vendor Subscription, Vendor Verification, Paypal Marketplace, Mangopay, RazorPay, and Product Advertising module
- **Fix:** [OrderMinMax] Fixed a warning after clicking Order Again on a completed order
- **Fix:** [Product Addons] Completion of successful add-on creation alert message has wrong css class
- **Fix:** Fixed adding two products from different vendors and one of them is virtual, will receive a warning error on the cart page.
- **Fix:** JS console error while loading product category & product add new pages has been fixed
- **Fix:** [PayPal Marketplace] Update seller enable for receive payment status if not already updated due to failed web hook event
- **Fix:** [VendorSubscription] Remove validation if no subscription is active under vendor registration form
- **Fix:** [StoreSupport] fixed get support popup not working properly in single product page if only Store Support module is activated
- **Fix:** [RMA] Send refund button is not working under RMA refund request screen
- **Fix:** [Stripe] 'Your card number is incomplete' issue on checkout pay order page
- **Fix:** [Booking/Auction] Fixed product geolocation is not working for Booking and Auction Products
- **Fix:** Fixed follow button not working under 'My Account' > 'Vendors' section
- **Update:** Set delivery time week start date similar to WordPress week start settings
- **Update:** [MangoPay] Applied some logic to restrict unnecessary implementations for MangoPay
- **Update:** [PayPal Marketplace] Restart Payment flow in case of funding source error on PayPal ie: user doesn’t have enough balance
- **Update:** [PayPal Marketplace] Display user friendly error messages instead of generic message
- **Update:** [PayPal Marketplace] Set Shipping and Tax fee recipient to seller despite of admin settings, previously it was displaying error on checkout page if shipping fee recipient was set to admin
- **Update:** [PayPal Marketplace] Added purchasing capability for not logged in user
Download Dokan Business v3.5.3 - Multi Vendor Marketplace Nulled
- **Update:** Stop loading unnecessary style and script files on every page.
- **Update:** [StoreSupport] Added localization support for date time picker library.
- **Fix:** vendor info was set to null if vendor haven’t assigned to any store category
- **Fix:** Dokan was creating unnecessary rows in the termmeta table, now has been fixed.
- **Fix:** fixed fatal error while checking dokan_is_store_open(), if admin didn't run dokan migrator
- **Fix:** fixed fatal error on dokan migrator
- **Fix:** [EU Compliance Fields] Fixed a fatal error while saving Germanized trusted product variation fields data
- **Fix:** [EU Compliance Fields] fatal error on wcpdf invoice integration on php version 8.0+
- **Fix:** [Elementor] Fixed a warning due to compatibility issue with latest version of Store Support Module
- **Fix:** [Elementor] Fixed social profile Elementor icon widget wasn’t working properly due to conflict with latest version of font awesome library.
- **Fix:** [StoreReviewe] fixed a fatal error while clicking Sell This Item from spmv module
- **Fix:** [Dokan Stripe] Fixed gateway fee was returning 0 in case of several partial refunds requested for same order.
- **Fix:** [Product Enquiry] Fixed loading icon always displaying after product enquiry email is sent.
Download Dokan Business v3.5.2 - Multi Vendor Marketplace Nulled
- **new:** [SPMV] Added product search feature under Add New Product page if Single Product Multi Vendor module is enabled. #1576
- **update:** Added seller verification badge under Store listing page, single store page, and single product page #1708
- **update:** Option to close progress bar if profile completeness score is 100% #1726
- **update:** [EU Compliance Fields] Added EU Compliance Customer Fields in Order details Billing and Billing section of Customer profile #1724
- **update:** Module page design updates #1754
- **fix:** [StoreSupport] Activating Store Support from Modules has no reflection on the single store page unless vendor update their settings #1702
- **fix:** Tools - Page Installation Pages button does not work appropriately #1719
- **fix:** Hide add new coupon button from coupon create page #1720
- **fix:** Shipping continent is not being shown under the shipping tab on the single product page. #1721
- **fix:** [Booking] Disable shipping option when virtual is enabled for bookable products #1722
- **fix:** [Booking] Resource available quantity field is empty #1723
- **fix:** Added Dokan Upgrader to delivery time schema updates #1770
- **fix:** Styles are not being saved If the announcement is drafted or edited after scheduled #1771
- **fix:** [Booking] Showing an extra comma in the Booking resource's Parent products when a connected product is deleted. #1772
Download Dokan Business v3.5.1 - Multi Vendor Marketplace Nulled
- **Fix:** Multiple store open close time wasn't working for Store Open/Close time Widget
- **Fix:** [Elementor] Single Store Page template was missing from Elementor template selection dropdown
- **Fix:** [Elementor] Product Widgets disappeared from Elementor single Product Page template edit panel
Download Dokan Business v3.5.0 - Multi Vendor Marketplace Nulled
- **feat:** [Module] Razorpay Payment Gateway: Accept credit card payments and allow your sellers to get automatic split payment in Dokan via Razorpay
- **feat:** [Module] MangoPay: Enable split payments, multi-seller payments, and other marketplace features given by MangoPay.
- **feat:** [Module] Min Max Quantities: Set a minimum or maximum purchase quantity or amount for the products of your marketplace.
- **feat:** [Module] Product Advertising: Admin can earn more by allowing vendors to advertise their products and give them the right exposure.
- **feat:** [Store Support] Added Store Support for site admin.
- **feat:** Added support for Multiple store open close time for vendor store.
- **feat:** Automatic withdrawal disbursement.
- **feat:** Added custom withdraw method support for admin.

- **update:** Updated design for module page.
- **update:** For Store open close time widget, first day of the week will start on according to the WordPress settings.
- **update:** [Store Support] Design updated on vendor dashboard store support page and customer dashboard support page.
- **update:** Compatibility with latest release of Rank math SEO.
- **update:** [Booking] Added support for "=" symbol while creating range and setting up the cost while creating a bookable product.
- **update:** [Booking] Set the minimum allowed value for 'Minimum booking window ( into the future )' to zero(0).
- **update:** Updated some admin notices for better readability.
- **update:** [Geolocation] Added a search button under geolocation shortcode to search store/product via geolocation, also removed auto reload features for this form.
- **update:** Updated Dokan Free Shipping minimum amount calculation based on WooCommerce (compatibility with latest version).
- **update:** [StoreSupport] Added date range filtering option for vendor support tickets listing.
- **update:** [StoreSupport] Added support tickets count under My Account page.
- **update:** [ProductEnquiry] reCAPTCHA support added to product enquiry form.
- **update:** [Auction] Added Back Navigation button from auction activity list, also fixed a typo.

- **fix:** Switching subscription plan doesn't work if Paypal Marketplace module is active has been fixed.
- **fix:** Coupon was not expiring at exact expiry date.
- **fix:** [DeliveryTime] Delivery date label wasn’t displaying on frontend checkout page, now has been fixed.
- **fix:** Fixed button width mismatch under vendor dashboard report page.
- **fix:** [Auction] Starting bidding price was not resetting for Re-listing auction products, now has been fixed.
- **fix:** Shipping methods are not available when both digital and physical products are in the cart, now has been fixed.
- **fix:** [Product Subscription] Shipping functionality is not working when vendor create subscription product from vendor dashboard, now has been fixed.