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Dokan - MultiVendor Marketplaces Plugin 3.5.4

Dokan Business - Multi Vendor Marketplace.jpg
Download Free Dokan Business - Multi Vendor Marketplace
The Complete Multivendor
e-Commerce Solution for WordPress

An online marketplace that manages itself. Dokan Multivendor's super intuitive design & interface makes everything easy even for beginners. It's so automated that you only need to review the orders!

Vendors manage everything
Vendors get full functionality from the frontend dashboard - coupons, discounts, reviews, withdraws, earning reports, support, everything on frontend!

Compatible with any WooThemes
Dokan frontend is bootstrap based, fully compatible with most (100+) WooCommerce themes and more than 17+ fully compatible themes on ThemeForest.

Easy to use design
Our intuitive frontend UI is extremely easy. Anyone with even no ecommerce experience can easily sign up and start selling right away.

The best storefront and marketplace experience
Dokan offers the best looking storefront, features and follows the most trending marketplace design for creating the best customer experience.

Hundreds of Gateways and Multilingual ready
Dokan is Paypal and Stripe ready. Adding other popular gateways and 100+ WooCommerce supported gateways will enable your market to sell in any country, with tax rates built-in.
Dokan is available in 25+ languages, fully translatable and RTL supported – making your marketplace truly global.

Latest updates

  1. Dokan Business v3.5.4

    Download Dokan Business v3.5.4 - Multi Vendor Marketplace Nulled - **Fix:** [SPMV] Fatal error...
  2. Dokan Business v3.5.3

    Download Dokan Business v3.5.3 - Multi Vendor Marketplace Nulled - **Update:** Stop loading...
  3. Dokan Business v3.5.2

    Download Dokan Business v3.5.2 - Multi Vendor Marketplace Nulled - **new:** [SPMV] Added product...
  4. Dokan Business v3.5.1

    Download Dokan Business v3.5.1 - Multi Vendor Marketplace Nulled - **Fix:** Multiple store open...
  5. Dokan Business V3.5.0

    Download Dokan Business v3.5.0 - Multi Vendor Marketplace Nulled - **feat:** [Module] Razorpay...