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Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro 5.12.2

Download Advanced Custom Fields Pro v5.12.2 - WordPress Plugin Nulled
* Fix - Cloned fields in custom named options pages now behave correctly
* Fix - Default values and the `acf/load_value` filter are now applied if a field value load [fails security validation](
* Fix - The ACF field is no longer present in REST responses if the ACF REST API setting is disabled
* Fix - Duplicating a flexible content layout or repeater row now also replaces the field ID in `for` attributes
Download Advanced Custom Fields Pro v5.12.1 - WordPress Plugin Nulled
* New - REST API now supports the comment route for displaying ACF fields.
* Fix - ACF now validates access to option page field values when accessing via field keys the same way as field names. [View More](
* Fix - REST API now correctly validates fields for POST update requests
* Fix - Fixed an issue where invalid field types caused an error during REST API requests
* Fix - Fixed a PHP warning when duplicating an empty field group
* Fix - Fixed a bug preventing block duplication detection changing an ACF Block’s ID if it was nested deeper than one level inside another block
* Fix - Fixed a bug where the `acf-block-preview` wrapper might not appear around a block if it was saved in edit mode
* i18n - Updated several translations from user contributions (Thanks to Dariusz Zielonka, Mikko Kekki and Alberto!)
Download Advanced Custom Fields Pro v5.12.0 - WordPress Plugin Nulled
* [View Release Post](
* New - ACF blocks now support the new Full Site Editor included in WordPress 5.9
* New - ACF blocks now support the WordPress Query Loop block
* New - Added block caching system to reduce the number of AJAX calls in the block editor
* Enhancement - Block preloading can now be disabled by using "acf_update_setting( 'preload_blocks', false );" in the "acf/init" action hook
* Enhancement - ACF and ACF PRO will now detect if each other are active and deactivate the other plugin on plugin activation
* Fix - Fixed an issue with the media library not working correctly in ACF Blocks in WordPress 5.9.1
* Fix - Fixed an issue where anchors weren't working correctly in WordPress 5.9
* Fix - Fixed an issue where the "unfiltered_html" capability wasn't being used by ACF blocks
* Fix - Fixed an issue where it was impossible to update an ACF block inside the widget block editor
* Fix - Fixed an issue where ACF fields might not appear in REST API calls made via internal WordPress functions
* Fix - Warnings and PHP 8.1 deprecation notices in REST API
* Fix - Better support for double byte characters in "acf_get_truncated()" (props @cabradb)
* i18n - Broken link in the Croatian translation
* i18n - Automated building of acf.pot for translators in each release